Get ready to experience the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had with Kafe de Flores! Our beans are hand-selected and roasted to perfection for a robust flavour that you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy our delicious coffee, knowing that each sip helps improve the lives of communities around the world. Whether it’s for a pick-me-up or to share with friends, Kafe de Flores is the perfect way to start your day!


Coming from the shrub of Canephora, a resistant coffee tree, which grows in the plain, between 0 and 600 m of altitude. It easily supports the full sun, and its root system remains relatively superficial. It is also very resistant to the attacks of parasites. The robusta bean is almost one and a half times bigger than the arabica bean. This variety is known for its pronounced bitterness. It gives a result in cup that is qualified as having body, little nuanced. Its caffeine content can reach 3%, twice as much as in Arabica.


The arabica shrub is relatively fragile, it grows in regions where temperatures do not fall below 15°C. It does not like full sun and requires that other trees are present in the plantations to provide shade during part of the day. It grows mainly in high areas, where the climate is hot and humid. Its oval bean is characterized by the shape of the “S” in the center of the seed. It is a lighter coffee than robusta and particularly aromatic, it contains between 0.8 and 1.5% caffeine. It is slightly acidic and allows to enjoy a particularly rich palette of flavors. 

Kafe de Flores coffee is produced using a meticulous red cherry coffee process, where at least 95% of the beans are hand-sorted and then processed using water. The red skin of the fruit is separated from the pulp using a pulper, followed by a secondary sorting to remove any remaining skin. The beans are then fermented for a period of 12-36 hours, depending on consumer demand, to produce high-quality wet-processed coffee.

With a moisture content of 11-12%, this coffee boasts a unique combination of herbal, floral and spicy aromas, along with a medium to high viscosity and a bright, acidic profile. Its high sweetness level is a result of selective picking during harvest, where only ripe, red coffee pods are harvested. The result is a coffee that has a non-bitter and non-astringent taste, making it a beloved choice among coffee lovers.

Kafe de Flores is located in the heart of Flores Island and offers a stunning mountainous landscape that includes rolling hills and steep slopes. The region is rich with diverse vegetation, including forests, horticultural crops, food crops, and coffee plantations. 

Our coffee is validated and certified by Kopi Arabika Flores Manggarai, providing assurance to customers that it is truly sourced from Manggarai. This certification is further backed by validation from the Department of Law and Anti-Discrimination, ensuring that the coffee meets the highest standards of authenticity and quality. This level of validation and certification helps to build trust and confidence in our brand, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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