About us

Visioncy is the dream of a global network of inspiring artists, distinguished public and private institutions, innovative creative industries, passionate individuals and dynamic corporations. A worldwide platform to share exciting ideas and to build together an inclusive world for tomorrow, based on artistic and cultural exchanges. It is an international agency and it based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We offer a wide range of services focused on finding solutions for creative industries, cultural institutions and art management. In addition, we are constantly building a global network of cultural actors and agents, especially in the regions where we are most active: Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Since 2022, Visioncy has been diversifying its activity by entering the production, conservation and sale of Flores coffee internationally, and for that, we have created our new branch: Visioncy Global NusantaraWe created this branch to focus on different projects on the island of Flores, Indonesia. We want to develop an ecosystem that will allow the Manggarai community to benefit from real and permanent support. Our mission is to bring them basic technology, in order to help them in their daily life, and our first project is the Kafe de Flores.

Each and every day, we are working towards making this vision come true. Step forward and join us on our journey!

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